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Title Distributor Art.No. Distribution area Available by Nov. 1999 Comments
The Lion King:
Original motion picture soundtrack
USA: ?
Europe, USA, Australia yes
Australia: Likely to be OOP
The normal soundtrack. Lacks "Hyenas" track. Must-have for fans

There is an Australian Pop-up shot postcard like special edition. VERY NEAT collectors piece.

The Lion King:
Original motion picture soundtrack
Pony Canyon Inc. PCCD-00117 Japan ?, likely to be out of print Normal english soundtrack. Lacks "Hyenas" track. Limited Japanese Edition Picture disk, with cover arts printed on the CD itself, all transparent jewelcase. VERY beautiful, came in a TLK box with two figures. *VERY RARE*, cost me $50.
Collectors piece!
Elton John: Circle Of Life  (Maxi CD) Mercury
(USA: ?)
INT: 856219-2
Europe, (USA?) out of print since 1995 Found this one second hand in October 1999, in Berlin.
Red cover,*RARE*
Collectors piece!
Elton John: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Maxi CD) Mercury
(USA: ?)
INT: 858885-2
Europe, (USA?) out of print since 1995 Found it in November 1999 in Hannover.
Blue cover, *RARE*, features a unique instrumental CYTLT by Elton John.
Collectors piece!
Rhythm of the Pride Lands Polydor, Germany
USA: ?
France: ?
527 701-2
Germany. (Europe:? USA:?) OOP since early 1998 in Germany
France and USA: Also OOP.
Hard to get nowadays. Maybe second hand. Disney changed distributors in 1998 to Edel Records worldwide, so stores sent their stocks back to their wholesellers!
Must-Have CD for a TLK fan.
French Edition features an additional track by Angelique Kidjo. Looking for this CS! Hints how or where to get it welcome!
The Lion King: Original Broadway Cast Recording USA: Walt Disney Records
Europe: Polydor
Europe: Edel Records
USA: 60802-7
Europe: ?
Europe: Edel: ?
Europe, USA USA: Available
Europe, Polydor: Out of print since 1998, new Edel release available.
All CDs feature the same tracks.
Got the US CD in late 1997.
US CD: beige spine
Polydor: Blue spine, white cover backbround, else same design as US CD.
Edel: Grey spine, else as the Polydor CD.
The Lion King:
Japanese Cast Recording
? ? Japan Available ?, Amazon says it features a special bonus track. On the way to me, so no further info yet
The Lion King Sing-Along UK: Pickwick
USA: ?
UK: DSMCD 477 UK Likely to be out of print Found this one in berlin in July 1999.
ADD mastered, outstanding good sound quality.
TLK German
Der König der Löwen.
German Soundtrack
Polydor Germany,
Edel Records
Polydor: 523868-2
Edel: ?
Germany Polydor version out of print, Edel version available. Funny: The German IJCW2BK features the WRONG (first) voice of Zazu. The voiceover has been replaced in the final German TLK film.
Edel version has a changed design on the inside and an all transparent jewelcase.
ADD mastered
Der König der Löwen Musical.
Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik des Landkreises Aschaffenburg
n/a n/a Germany Very limited CD, available through the school in Aschaffenburg. Recording of a German student version of the TLK musical. I've seen it, really neat thing!
Purely a non-profit show
Der König der Löwen Buena Vista International KL 27 Germany Limited Press CD. For promotional use only. Promotion CD, was never for sale as such.
Der König der Löwen Hörspiel. Karussell 550613-2 Germany Likely to be out of print This is the German TLK in the very first version, the original translation by Frank Lenart with the first voice of Zazu. The theatrical release was slightly different.

Available with and without storybook

TLK Int.
Il Re Leone
Italian OMPS
Sony Music WDR 478126-2 Italy, USA(?) Likely to be OOP Features an additional track aide from the Italian songs, so called "Radio Version" of Circle of life. NEAT track.
De Leeuwekoning
Dutch OMPS
Sony Music WDR 26014-2 The Netherlands Likely to be OOP Thanks to Jeroen van den Berg
Az Oroszlánkirály
Hungarian OMPS
BMG Ariola Hungary 74321251652 Hungary, but made in Germany OOP A memory of my friend Gabor Antos
Finnish TLK story CD
Kirjalito CD 46125 Finland Likely to be OOP Finnish TLK story CD.
Le Roi Lion
French OMPS
? ? France Likely to be OOP Features a French radio version of CoL. Just as the Italian one, only in French
El Rey Leon
Spanish OMPS
? ? Mexico, USA Likely to be OOP
Simba's Pride
The Lion King Special Edition Double Pack. Festival/Walt Disney Records Whole box: D45054
TLK OMPS: D26281
RTPR: D26267
Australia Available Australian box, contains the TLK OMPS and Return to Pride Rock
Return to Pride Rock. OMPS of "Simba's Pride" Walt Disney Records 60639-7 USA Available Simba's Pride Soundtrack
The Lion King Collection  Germany: Edel records
Germany: 0102502DNY
Germany, USA(?) Edel: Available
USA: Available for sure, can be bought at Disney Stores throughout Europe at least.
Compilation of songs from Simba's Pride, TLK and Rhythm of the Pride Lands.
The German and the US edition vary in the number of tracks taken from RtPR.
The Lion King Disque d'or ? ? France Available??? French TLK Collection, with the French songs on it, plus tracks from the OMPS and Rythm of the Pridelands
The Magical Music of Disney.
Suites from The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid
TELARC  CD 80381 Germany, USA ? Contains suite with 6 TLK tracks, all by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops.
Outstanding audio quality, 20 bit mastered.
The Power of One Elektra Entertainment/ Warner Brothers 7559-61335-2 Germany, USA(?) ? 1992 film soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Lebo M.
Very RotPLish style in music!
Elton John: Love Songs Europe: Mercury
Europe: 528788-2
Europe, USA ? Features CoL, CYFTLT and The One. Rumors say the latter was written as an alternate CYFTLT. Completely in the style of CoL and CYFTLT.
European and US CDs vary in track order and number
The Lion King VCD Berjaya HVN SDN. BHD. ? Malaysia Likely OOP English 2-parter VideoCD.
Simba's Pride VCD Berjaya HVN SDN. BHD. ? Malaysia ? English 2-parter VideoCD. Also available as limited gold edition.
Simba's Pride DVD Warner Home Video UK 34549 D4 Europe, Region 2 Available since March 1999 European DVD, fullscreen.
English (5.1)
French (5.1)
Italian (5.1)
Dutch (2.0)
Polish (2.0)
Hungarian  (2.0)
Hebrew (2.0)
English and Dutch subtitles
Simba's Pride DVD Warner Home Video GmbH, Germany 34549 D2 Europe, Region 2 Available since March 1999 European DVD, fullscreen.
English (5.1)
German (5.1)
Spanish (Castilian 5.1)
Finnish (2.0)
Swedish (2.0)
Norwegian (2.0)
Danish (2.0)
Portugese (2.0)
Icelandic, Greek and English subtitles
Simba's Pride DVD Walt Disney Video 17976 USA, Canada, Region 1 Av. since Nov. 23rd, 1999 English THX mastered, 1.66:1 widescreen, special features. 
English (5.1)
French (5.1)
Spanish (5.1)

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