I've been a Lion King fan for four years now in in fall 1999, actively participating in the worldwide Lion King fandom since September 1996. I went through heaven and hell with my TLK fans, and they helped me when I had to watch my mother die of cancer in February '99. The Lion King changed me a lot inside, and it has not stopped yet. I hope it never will. It is not just one film, it is a way of life.

Through Lion King I became a lover of all felines, and a furry. Now, you might wonder what furry might be. Every furry has an own reply to that question. All I can do is telling you my own version. Many furries love animals because they see how cruel humans can be, and search for unconditional love and honesty that animals can give. I've seen mindless bureaucrats, who can only live by their regulations and laws. I pity them as long as I don't have to deal with them. I hate them when they put their laws over all humanity and empathy. And I hate humans for their power hungriness, cruelty, and all that's related to them like wars, and extincting animals for profit.

Can you agree to at least one of the points in the last paragraph? Then you might be one of us furries.

I do not hate *you* in particular, many people are not like that. But it's more than enough how much suffering a FEW people can cause, way more than all others could make up for. My protest is to see myself being one with my furred, feathered and scaled brothers and sisters who are children of nature just like me. I admire the strength of a tiger or lion and their senses, an eagle's wings and eyesight, the slim body of a dolphin that's darting through warm tropical water. Be honest, don't you find them more beautiful than a human body at times? At least I do.

Furries develop their own characters, alternate alter egoes, and live out their phantasies through them. Here are my personalities. Em, purrsonalities! :)

History and biography of Amurtigress and hir world of were-beings

Updates on 05/29/2001: All images marked as *NEW*
Kublia, by Jeroen van den Berg. Concept sketch, a picture that never came to be. Kublia is a wise tiger from the Lion King fanfiction story "The Jungle Flame" by Adrian Rossi. My Kublia is a tiger morph, contrary to Adrian's normal tiger Kublia. Jeroen's page
Kublia, by Margaret "Kese" Petrie. Shes really great in giving structure and depth to characters through computer coloring and shading, and that's by far not her only talent in the case of arts. :) Her Homepage
A tigergryphon, by Michael "Zyx" Menne, one of my fella German Lion King fans. Supposed to be me, an intermediate of Kublia and Amurtigress, but a more natural fashion.Michael is just beginning to discover his skills as artist. :)
Amurtigress (Amur: River in Siberia, so it means Siberian tigress, or abbrevated 'ATigress' on IRC) She came to be because I did not want to alienate Kublia any further from Adrian Rossi's Kublia. She is a really handsome mix of all what I admire. Tiger, bird of prey, male and female. This picture was done by Eugene "Chipmunk" Arenhaus, an Israeli furry artist. This is really my favorite version of Amurtigress. Eugene truly managed to put my dreams on paper.
AmurTigress? Or Kublia?... by Nami Jarret. Tigergryphon morph in a more natural style. But this shows what a great talent Nami is, just look at the feather pattern where it is visible! I am happy to have that hanging at my wall.
Amurtigress by Cara Mitten. Another commission, and again worth every single penny! ATi has evolved a bit, she has got the eyes of a bird of prey, with a white frame of downy feathers around. 
Guess who? Yes, ATi again, by 'Thirdimpact' Ian Williams. Has quite some Japanese manga touch.

*NEW* A phoenix by Megan Giles. Not exactly ATi, but there is a story behind it. The preliminary sketches of this picture were supposed to be a commission of mine. However, I did not like them back then--seems to have been a big mistake--and Megan had no time anymore...she had to finish a portfolio for a furcon. She reused the sketches later to kake this poenix of it. Colored by a friend of hers...really impressive! See also the sketches!

Cara Mitten came just in time with her suprisingly finished picture when Megan had no time anymore...there went my money! :) I'll probably get back to you, Meg!

*NEW* This is a somewhat more cutie-comic ATi, in Sherwood Squirreltail's very unique style. Really neat, and a very special moment for ATi...Isn't it a sweet baby she's getting? A gift picture of May 2001, and a different version of the earlier picture below by Scale.

Please see the page about Amurtigress and hir world for more informations about hir, and how this cub came to be.

*NEW* A bit graphic, admittedly, but a really life-changing and beautifuly experience for ATi. Hir baby is finally coming into the world...Alessio Scalerandi's very own style is very easy to see...Thank you, Scale! Commissioned picture, August 2000. Scale's website

Please see the page about Amurtigress and hir world for more informations about hir, and how this cub came to be.

*NEW* A concept sketch for the one above, but still good enough to not be a rough drawing, so it belongs here, in my opinion. Amurtigress, already rather pregnant with hir young. By Scale, certainly.

*NEW* A picture by Kwik. This appeared in my email inbox one day. Kwik found the pictures on my site inspiring, and tried what might come out when he thought of ATi. 

Well, and not everybody can draw athros...so this is a really neat compromise. Thanks, Kwik!

*NEW* This TLK stylish picture is a group shot of a number of German TLK fan's furry alter egos. Here in the upper left corner you can see Kublia and ATi distrustfully looking at each other. I bet they are close to fighting who owns my real life body! <G>

By Vitani Da Real (Her homepage)

*NEW* ATi as quadruped fur. He and Kwik seem to share a certain problem with anthros. :)

By Kanu Sukutu, the blackmaned lion with the preference for storylike poetic messages on TLK-D and the Savannah forum :) , a German TLK fan and friend of mine.

Sketches of (yet) unfinished art


 *NEW* One of two preliminary sketches  by Megan Giles, which ended up as the phoenix picture (see above!). I was thinking of giving ATi a bird of prey's head, but finally decided that the facial features of birds look too cold and emotionless.

*NEW* Here are head studies of a possible ATi with bird head vs. tiger head. By Megan Giles.

*NEW* ATi, by Sidian. Preliminary skech, and a dropped idea. This picture in in the making by now (end of May 2001). Still neat!
*NEW* ATi by Tansil, a concept sketch for later works to come. A friend of mine on Yiffnet...I wish he was online more frequently...


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