Who am I?

Now, that's a good question. I'm Kublia, the tiger from the TLK fanfic story "The Jungle Flame" by Adrian Rossi. However, the Kublia that I was creating as my alter ego -based upon the Kublia from the story- differs from the Kublia that Adrian was creating.
Real life Kublia


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Kublia, the anthropomorphic tiger in a preliminary 
drawing by Jeroen van den Berg.
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Well, that's me. No,no, I'm the one in the red pullover...The little furball is my cat Shanni. I got her from an animals shelter in November 1996. She is a mixture of a pillow and a leopard, you always have to expect to be scratched, even if she seems to sleep. OY, cats... ;-)

I was born in 2-23-1969 in Hameln, Germany. I'm living in Hannover,  the main capital of Nether Saxony, a state of Germany. I'm a computer freak since 1984, and like many freak's career, mine began with a C64. To make it short:
I'm C64, Amiga and PC freak, my PC is completely selfmade.

              My Lion King Addiction

I was fascinated by "Der König der Löwen" (That's the German title of 'The Lion King', I didn't know the original version until October 1996) from the first moment on, when I saw the pink flamingos flying high above over golden lakes, golden from the reflecting sunlight. I saw this piece of  TLK in November 1994.  That was when I made the possibly biggest mistake in my life: I didn't go to the cinema to see it, but swore to buy the video-And so I did.. It was the release day in October 1995 that changed my life. I bought the video, saw it in the evening--and I cried! For the first time I had to cry seeing a movie! Later, in September 1996 when I got Internet access, I joined the TLK fandom.A great friendship to David Morris and some others started to grow, and again my life changed. I learned to express my emotions in writing stories, a creativity I never thought to have. God---amm- Aiheu knows, where my TLK addiction will end....

A big THANK YOU to David Morris for encouraging me to  write fan fiction,and so it was mainly him who made my life change for the second time, and to John Burkitt for letting me join The Gentle Kingdom, and being a great friend, too.

And, last but by far not least:
to Oliver von Thünen (for giving me a really crappy modem card (2400 baud in 1996! GODS!) ...and with it forcing me to buy a REAL modem.
I wish he'd pay my phone bills...

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