During my odyssey through the Internet I found many TLK-related pages.
Hopefully there are some pages that even experienced TLK fans don't know...

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The Lion King WWW Archive
Brian Tiemann
Allround-The mother of them all!! See also:
Hans Zimmer Worship page
Logozo's Shell
David Sauvé
Allround-COL in various languages 
(high quality MPEG-L3)
Ryan's Lion
Ryan McGinnis Chaka
The probably biggest Lion King story archive.
M.A.'s Lion King WWW site
Marcus Aanerud
At *least* temporarily down, but it 
will probably be back.
First Church of Simba
David Braun Snowcat
Hardcore-Parody-Warning! Need another religion?
Join the FCOS! :-)
The Pride Lands Online Magazine
TLK online magazine, no updates lately
Canela's Den
Rocio Orozco Caniche
Lovely Rocio's wild anti-balloon page
Chris' TLK Page
Chris Boyce Talami
He is the author of "The Pridelands", definetly worth reading.
Chakal's Lair
John Burkitt Chakal
This is the page of the former Gentle Kingdom/Elsa's Pride, and my best friend's. The best Lion King stories can be found here, the Chronicles series, and the stories about Shingalana. Came to be with some help from me in graphic design. <Kub feels honored :) >
Nala's Domain
Jennifer Brook Nala/Nalina
Nala-HToFL! ;-)
TLK picture Archive
Joshua Landrum
Homepage. Good pics!
Lion King Page
Michael Birmingham
Rama's page
Ian Layton Rama
The Celestial Volcano and
Nalaholics Anonymous
Simba Wiltz : Muck Character Page /
THE page for people with SPECIAL feelings for Nala
Le Roi Lion
Damien Coquelle
LOTSA pics by our French TLK fan Damien 
The Packlands
Leeuw's Abode
Rob 'Leeuw' Tripp
A few HiRes scans, 
Wildcat breeding
Amber Eyes of the Lynxcat
Jessica Gustafik Lynxcat
Purrsonal homepage of the cutest kitten on EFnet, #TLK-L and #lionking
Sam Simpson's TLK page
Sam Simpson
Timon's Page
Leticia Rocha
Jason or Kovu?
Jason Ahrens
Allround. 'Acceptance' is a really important word for him!
Corpus Mufasa Chapel
Jason Knight
Hmm...maybe some exotic sect of the FCOS?
Disney Picture Archive
Disney pictures including TLK
Jespah's Gallery
Nigel Hodgetts Jespah
Elfasi's Homepage
Busara's Homepage
Rob Visser Busara
The Pridelands
Homepage. He greets from Lubljana, Slovenia
The Lion King
Maggie Ranni Kilonda
Unicorn's stable
Jeroen van den Berg Unicorn
A GREAT ARTIST, and very close friend of mine!
Club TLK
Aaron Johnson's The Lion King Page
Aaron Johnson
Anneke's homepage
Anneke Sinnema
Kurabi's Lair
Jeff Dearman
A Scarfan's page
The strictly Scar WWW page
Michael Poncé
Now this is ONE Scar fan. Definetly. Let's not exaggerate, folks.
Lion King Fan Art Page
Nimrod Carmi Simba_
This friend of mine lives in Israel. Shalom, Nimmy.
Jason's TLK page
Jason Blatchford
Not as down under as you might expect. This Aussie got a nice ICQ contact list for TLK fans
Claws and Paws
Doug Muth
Lions and Big Cats
Caspar McConville
The page of a really nice friend of mine
My Humbe Home
Greg Ludwick
Simba's Pride.net
Myra Weber Nala III
Simba's Pride Only page. You can find everything related to SP here 
The Lion King Digital Online
Paul Summers Prowl
700 MB of Lion King and Simba's Pride video clips!
Pure Lion King
Simba Canuso
The Lion King
Geir Kirksaether Liontaur
This guy is from Norway.
The Lion King Club
Dominik Senn  Welfie
Dominik greets from Switzerland. Grüezi!
Lion King sites 'Made in Germany'
(in English language unless stated otherwise)
Ihlosi's Lion King Homepage
Christoph Franck Ihlosi
Simply a Homepage... but the FToFL ;-)
Jammet's page
David Mehrmann Jammet
Another guy from my town...or close. His page focuses on TLK, with some stuff about the films Felidae and Oliver & Co. and his TLK MUCK character
Der König der Löwen
Michael Stüber Pum
German only!...not because his English would be bad, just there was no other purely German TLK page. English page in the making, intended to be the page of the German fandom
Kopa's Lion King
Peter Boy Kopa
Some TLK stuff, including the Simba's Pride soundtrack in MP3 format
Jan's TLK page
Jan Hubert Kisassian
Some TLK stuff
Pascal's Homepage
Pascal Kranich
Another German site, but not totally TLK.
Scar fans have a look. Stuff about Jeremy Irons!
TLK Page
Andreas Erben (Siran) and Steffen Kilb (Cubsimba)
Oliver Feiler Kiza
This page is dedicated to big cats and TLK.

Others (mostly Furry)

Well, I must admit being a TLK fan implies also furry activities. I don't intend to make this a big furry links page, that's a hopeless thing. But these are friends of mine:
Aragon Tigerseye
Tobias Schweitzer Aragon Tigerseye He's more of a furry than TLK fan, and likes furry stuff like stories, pictures, fursuits and Sabrina Online.
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