Wildcat Links and Pictures
Along with becoming a TLK fan I became a wildcat lover (Oh, Nala!) and a hairy...umm... a FURRY! I think changing into some kind of wildcat would be quite cool. I have about 300 wildcat pictures in photo quality, but uploading them here on my page would be quite foolish, since I got most of my stuff from pages on the Internet.

Some photos that I scanned are below the links!

Here are the links:
Be prepared! THOUSANDS of animal photos are waiting for ya.

EFVS-Exotic Feline Sanctuary GREAT Archive, dedicated to wildcats. Highest quality photos. (Need pictures of mating lions?? Simba and Nala at work...) Thanks to Ahadi (David Morris)
(Wild)cat Online Encyclopedia Need to know more about a REALLY exotic cat species? Look here, also photos here.
Good background infos, along with maps showing the areas where the selected cat species lives. Thanks to Ihlosi (Christoph Franck!!)
Animal pictures archive Korean photo/picture archive. A toughie, THOUSANDS of animal pics. With search engine. Try Mammals/Felidae for a list of all cat species there.
Big thanks, Mano (John Burkitt)
Amiga freeware/shareware Archive Umm.... What the heck does the Amiga computer have to do with wildcats?
The Amiga is a great graphics computer, and there are a lot of animal pics in there! Check it out. Thanks to all Amiga developers for a GREAT computer!
Mainely Felids Dedicated to promoting responsible private captive husbandry of non-domestic cats
VOX-Wildnis pur VOX is a German TV station which shows animal documentations regularly. This page offers background infos about them and previews to the next issues. It's in German, so most of you might have problems with it. But it also offers links to more sites in English.
More Kitties.....
263k. A postcard. WOW! No doubt, they are Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala and Uzuri
An African dream. Sorry for the Moirè pattern, I was unable to remove it.
361k. For me that's Ahadi....
312k. Warning, cuteness attacks! That is clearly the fluffiest lion cub I've ever seen. 
Seems it has to drink it's mothers milk all alone..;)
272k. A lion pride. Seems to be a 'Super stress day' for mum...
192k. A hungry orphan lion cub... "Gimme milk...You promised!"
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