Revision Log

Revision Log, Stardate....<Kublia stammers and takes the stupid looking plastic Spock ears off...> erm...
Lion date: The sacred fourth year of King Simba's reign, two days and three hunts after the rain season. May Aiheu's blessings always be with him!


May, 29th: At last, an update. Linked the Amurtigress page into the main page and to the enhanced Kublia, the furry (Furry art) section. Added ten Amurtigress-related images to it. Fixed the "Disable Frames" link on the frameless page. Vast cleanup of the main frame's HTML code....My, graphical editors enter a lot of unneccessary trash, I tell you. Revamped the menu to make it more logical in it's single categories. Updated the hardware info on the tech specs page and page policy. I am pondering to change the design of the main needs to be worked on! Frameless page's main links adjusted to the ordering system of the frame page.

Hmm, >71000 hits! Not too bad, if there weren'd those stupid scribbling kids in the guest book who are even too stupid to spell halfway correctly. Oh well, screw them.


September, 6th: Added the last part of the new Chronicles of the Pridelands to the page.
eptember, 4th:
Finally, after about 53 days of downtime, is back online. It has been an ordeal for me- and especially for Brian Tiemann and Paul Summers who fought for their rights against UUnet's illegal action to seize, but it is over now. I've been pondering a bigger design and organisation overhaul of my site. Not sure yet what I'll be doing, tho. Time will tell.But there will me a major improvement for my work with the Internet: Not only that noone is charging me for being online by minute anymore since June 10th, I will be getting ADSL on the 8th of the month! YAY. Broadband Internet for less than the normal modem/ISDN access! The future has arrived in Germany, to put it like this.
June 18th:'s harddrive was damaged, so I matter of factly lost all my data there, meaning all TLK MP3s that this site linked to. I've reconstructed it with now better MP3s as far as I did not have backups of the online files, and added French and Italian tracks of the TLK score.
June 10th: YEEHA! No more paying my Internet access per minute, respectively having time dependant costs for local calls to my Internet provider. I will only pay roughly $40 for unlimited access 24/7. I can finally be sure not to lose my contact to you TLK fans out there anymore.
May: I will be uploading all the new parts of the Chronicles of the Pridelands II as soon as they are available. Thanks to the extraordinary writing talent of my best friend ever, John Burkitt.


December 20th: I am finally through with a bigger update after a few smaller ones during the year, like adding a Simba's Pride section. NEW PAGES: Kublia the furry, TLK musical in London, split the TLK on Broadway section into three parts: London, Broadway and Gallery. Some design changes, especially on the top page. I am finally using gIMP to make seamless backgrounds. Wow, more than 35000 hits!

After seeing all German TLK fans through the year and a lot of troubles with authorities that I am STILL dealing with, and moving to a new flat, I finally hope that this site will get updates more frequently than throughout 1999, and I hope I can work more on my third novel-sized TLK fanfiction about Shingi.I am also looking forward to have the TLK Deluxe LaserDisc Box soon, thanks to my dear friend John Burkitt. I am also looking forward to spend my first XMas in fifteen years with my father, tho nothing can bring back the old times when my mother was still alive.

April 3rd: <sigh> My mother is with the Great Kings of the past now. Her suffering ended on Feb. 19th, 1999, at an age of 51 years, only four days before my 30th birthday. Trying to get my life organized against all odds of stupid and reckless authorities, formalities and mean regulations that just cannot be made for anything else than making life hard. The future is VERY uncertain for me now. That's why I distract myself with working on this page...please bear with me, my friends.

Then again I hope to get to see the Lion King Musical in London in September, and I am looking forward to meet Jeroen van den Berg and Rocio Orozco. Rocio is an old member of "The Gentle Kingdom" and we know each other for more than two years from emails.

Finally added a Simba's Pride page which IMHO turned out really nicely. Some minor changes in the menu frame.
New Video section with high quality CoL and CYFTLT Videos by Elton John in the planning!!!!

December 21st: People, I am sorry not to have worked on this page for so long. But the bad news that my mum may die from cancer not only shocked me, it also killed a lot of my enthusiasm for working on TLK stuff, and my 3rd fanfic about Shingalana. But finally my new Links page is ready! I know, it took 15 months, but in late 1997 went down, it was hosting a lot of pages, and just began hosting pages, so everything was in flux. My new page does not use thumbnails from site logos anymore, so it's way faster to load. Thumbs look fancy, but that's it, they don't necessarily make a good page.
Also adjusted the Tech Specs page to my new PC hardware!!!

December 19th: First award for this site! The Busa Nala Awards for the best Lion King on Broadway page!
September 16th: New URL for this page:, pointing to The increased amount of visitors since the design change lately make it necessary to have an easy-to-memorize  address. '' makes just more sense than the '~uzuri' address. The old URL will certainly go on working. Also added the Japanese TLK tracks in the music section.
September 9th: The 10,000th visitor on this page!!!!! YAY! That's *WAY* more than I expected when I started. I guess my 'policy' isn't all that wrong. ;) Moving the logger.cgi call to the index.html, to avoid multiple entries of identical IP addies into the client-log. Thanks to Brian Tiemann for the tip. Also changed all links to John's Elsa's Pride page to the new Chakal's Lair page.  Elsa's Pride is simply dead, no illusions here. Another EEK! The link to my revision page on the frameless main page pointed to the not existing history.html instead of revision.html
September 2nd: Two pages had bugs! The thumbnail paths on the wildcat page were corrupted by the Netscape HTML editor, and the thumbnails on the pictures page #1 were missing, too. Thanks to Rene Puls and Aleksandr Ryumshin for the hints!
August 31st: EEK! Somehow the logger.cgi include line must have been erased from both my main.html and the mainnf.html files, so for two days hits were not lgged into the client-log.shtml
August 29th:MAJOR PAGE OVERHAUL! 4 days of work on it and John Burkitt's "Chakal's Lair". The results are visible now! Unfortunately I will be forced to temporarily shut my page down to upload the changes, should be done within 2-3 hours.
- All new top page
- All new top page for not frame supporting graphical browsers such as MS Internet Exploder 2. Now without thumbnails as links, still looks good but increases loading speed and decreases maintenance efforts.
- Frame menu system changed, decreased maintenance efforts on future updates.
- New Policy & Tech. info page.
- Centralised revision log (The thing you're reading now)
- New header pics for the fanfic, links and mewsic..err, music page.
- 5 new backgrounds
- Typesetting changes on almost ALL subpages.
- Spelling/grammar corrections. Who would expect my English to be purrfect?
I wanted to give John's and my story "The Long Path" an appropriate environment and make up for my negligent subpage updating habits.
August 23rd, 1998: After 1.5 years of online time and almost 10,000 visitors having seen my page I decided to make up for the delays in updating that my page experienced lately, and the heavily varying design. My abilities have increased since my first attempts of HTML/picture design.
August 1st, 1998. Updated the Fan Map page.

NOTE: There were more revisions earlier than Aug. 1st '98 , but in quite a few cases cannot remember when they were made, so they are missing.

June, 9th: Fanmap Page: Added some *fur*sons
April 18th: Fanmap Page: Added a few guys and Rene Puls' ICQ number
April 15th: Fanmap Page: MAJOR update. NEW MAP.
April 1st, 1998.: Fanmap Page: People added. NOTE: THIS IS AN UNCOMPLETED HTML CODE,NEW ONE COMES SOON. Corrected the link to the map. The last resemblance that this was on before.
March 8, 1998. Art of the Lion King page: Added Act 2!
January 19th, 1998: Links page: Design change and some corrections. Pictures page: Changed header picture, new  "back" button. Fandom page: Changed the design, texts and links of this page, according to the TLK-L Mailing Lists location on (a bit late, I know. ;) )
January 13th, 1998: Music page: Added the German soundtrack due to various requests from the TLK-L Mailing List
January 10th,1998: Pictures page: Added the 8 theatrical teaser photos.
January 5th: WHOPS! My ancient August 1997 dated homepage on is back, what a design shock! Seems Scotty got his machine back up, congrats! Try the link above, I haven't deleted it yet.

November 25th,1997: Pictures page: Split this section in 3 parts for faster loading. New design
November 15th: MAJOR UPDATE. After 2 weeks of fiddling around with frames and buttons, my page got split into a frame and a frameless page, with guest book and a nice popup-menu system in the frame.
September 27th: Music page: Added Norwegian and Dutch soundtrack, plus instrumental CYFTLT, dance floor and country&western CYFTLT, dance floor IJCW2BK
September 1997:  I decided to take Brian Tiemann's offer providing web space since my connection to and it's performance were bad. For the first 3 weeks his new 'box' was located in Silicon Valley, connected via 128 kbit ISDN during the test phase. AFAIK my page was the first one there -let Brian's own aside- right in time to escape from Scott Garron's trouble that forced down. So my page moved, 70 MB big, directly copied to the box. Not much later the server moved to it's final place at, being connected to a multiple-T3 line. The TLK-L mailing list got a permanent home there, too, after the odyssey from to to
AAND <wry grin> my page was united on one server, the times of hundreds of absolute links to the SGHnet 2 MB bit and the huge chunk were over after a nerve-shattering correction overkill! Got also rid of the damn 3rd party webcounter(s).
August 14th: Links page: Minor update. Added 2 links, 1 correction.
August 9th: Links page: Major update. 56 links now.
June 27th: Music page: Added Hungarian TLK songs
June 22nd: Music page: Added the Timon & Pumbaa section
April  27th: Found a webcounter that's for free.
April 19th: FINALLY I got my own TLK page that deserves to be called one, on and SGHnet!
February: Moved my page to SGHnet, a really reliable ISP after my odyssey through the shamelessly expensive AOL and the crappy Metronet!


October: One Monday I was nervously waiting for Dave Morris' Lion King video to arrive via UPS. Spent 5h trying to make a TLK homepage just with 2 pictures and a short text why I''m a TLK fan, and how to join the fandom. Uploaded it on AOL. I just couldn't find any special material to put up, all I got was from other pages, but that changed in December when I got my flatbed scanner.