After 4 years of waiting Simba's Pride was released, the sequel to "The Lion King". Some were disappointed, but the majority of the TLK fans liked it, SP is better than we could expect! Here's the few things I can add. SP was released in Europe in February and March. In March and April there were two DVDs released, seems this time Europe is first and not the USA. <g>

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280k - The SP video came with a litho for people who were preordering it. This is the picture on the litho's envelope, which IMHO looks better than the litho itself.
322k - The litho. Looks like a freeze fame from the film, with the usually odd effects.
28k - Kiara. Pissed, but veeery cute, tho she seems to say "Am not cute!!" I'm hurting my "high-quality, high-res" rule a bit, but she's just too... OKAY, cool it, little lioness, I won't say it again!
363k - The cover of the German and British companion CD to Simba's Pride. The Lion King Collection. Basically a 'Best Of' with tracks 1/3 of the TLK soundtrack, Rhythm of the Pridelands and 'Return To Pride Rock'. The German one comes in an all transparent jewelcase and a nice picture behind the CD holder.
367k - A picture of the inside of the cover booklet. Simba with a nice fuzzy mane!
The Taiwanese and European SP versions feature two additional songs, "He Lives In You" by Tina Turner and "In Youpendi" by Wes instead of "Love Will find a Way" by Heather Headley and Kenny Lattimore.

He Lives in You by T. Turner (4.52 MB, Dual-ChannelMP3, 128kbit)
In Youpendi by Wes (3.18 MB, Dual-ChannelMP3, 128 kbit)

German SP clip, aired on 12/24/1998. Timon and Pumbaa ask Kovu to roar to chase off some unnerving birds.
18 MB, 352x288 pixels, MPEG, stereo.
Part 1 | Part 2

NOTE FOR ALL VIDEOS: These files are split in pieces of 10 MB each for easier download, use RAR.EXE to make one file of it after downloading. RAR.EXE is a DOS ONLY shareware program, but there are also Linux, Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT ports of it. You can find them on TUCOWS or other shareware archives.
Syntax: rar x -v filename.rar, the other parts with the extensions .r00, .r01 etc. will be appended automatically.

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