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I have been there. In London, on Sept. 30th 1999. And I am now a witness of what happened. Calling this musical just an awesome performance is far from the truth, I am still so amazed that it'll take another few weeks or months until I can really say what was happening in me. All I can say is-I am different inside now, a changed person, who again believes in what "The Lion King" means. Give God that these memories may live in me forever! These photos can only give a *tid bit* of an impression of this musical. In the first days The Lion King Musical was breaking all ticket selling records, and it's sold out for months in advance! If you can, TAKE the opportunity to see this unique performance.

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(COPYRIGHT NOTE: The photos on this page were taken from the book
"The Lion King-Pride Rock on Broadway" by Julie Taymor.
© 1997 The Walt Disney Company and Hyperion Publishing, New York)

Sam Wright
(150 k)
Young Simba & Nala
Scott Irby-Ranniar and
Kajuana Shuford
Adol. Simba 
Jason Raize
Adol. Nala
Heather Headley
Gina Breedlove
John Vickery
Tsidii le Loka

Jeff Hoyle
Timon & Pumbaa
Max Casella and
Tom Robbins
The Hyenas
Kevin Cahoon (Ed)
Tracy Nicole Chapman (Shenzi)
Stanley Wayne Mathis (Banzai)

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