What-the heck-are TLK fans like? 
How can I join the fandom?

In general, the TLK fandom is a very open minded and tolerant "bunch'o'beasts" ;-). Due to our addiction-or better love- to Disney's The Lion King we all became familiar with cats, ALL cats, mainly lions, certainly. We know how they live, their needs, their problems, how they hunt, live, and die. No one of us thinks wildcats are beasts. Most of us would love to raise a lion (or other wildcat)cub, many are playing a wildcat or other TLK character on one of the MUCKs. 
The fandom has become a second family for us, we wrote stories about lions to enlarge the TLK universe. We try to help each other, exchanging fan stuff like pictures, sound files, tips where to get fan stuff. The characters we created have partially become more to us than the original TLK characters. 
Last, but not least: The Lion King has changed our lives, like a mirror showing our own problems that we have to fight all days. 

How to join our fandom? <chuckles> Quite easy. If you haven't already done so, WATCH TLK, DANG! ;-)
First: We have a mailing list. Send an email to majordomo@lionking.org , leave the subject empty and enter "SUBSCRIBE TLK-L <your name>" in the mail's body-nothing else!-and be sure to enter your e-mail address as your reply-address in your e-mail client. You will get about 30-80 emails a day and take part in our discussions! Your posts sent to tlk-l@lionking.org  will also appear in our newsgroup. 

Privacy mode: There is also the PRIVACY MODE. It is useful if you don't want to have your posts appearing in the newsgroup, there might be various reasons for that. In this case post to: 



Digest mode: In this mode you can get a larger amount of email in one mail, for the case your email account is limited. 

For easiest subscribing go to Brian Brian Tiemann's Mailing List Page.
Oh-did I mention that Brian runs the server that hosts this page and the mailing list? BIG thanks to him. He's doing us a big favour! :)

Second: We have a newsgroup, alt.fan.lion-king. I recommend using the server news.belwue.de (no posting allowed) or use your ISPs newsserver. 

Third: We have a chat channel at EFnet, #TLK-L und #lionking! Talk with us directly. Anyways, welcome to our humble home, fellow TLK fan!

Fourth: Download and read our Fanfic stories! See Links page for our homepages.

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