Page Policy and technical summary (for the freaks)

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This page started in October 1996 on AOL, intended as a "door" into the Lion King fandom, all I had was the materials collected from other pages. This is the main idea behind my page:

1.) Providing Lion King related stuff that you won't find elsewhere.
There are too many pages that collect TLK stuff from others and put them together for the dozenth time.

2.) Providing HIGH QUALITY stuff.
I've seen too many screen captures and bad scans! This is the right place for top quality pictures and sounds of TLK. Some complain that my pictures are too large. My reply is very easy: Low quality stuff is hard to overlook, there's too much of it. My pages might be big to load with all the thumbnails, but isn't it worse to download a huge picture without knowing what's on it at all? Now, that would really be a reason to complain. Besides, the average 'onliner' has at least a 28.8 modem, so my pages aren't THAT shamelessly big.

3.) Bringing people together.
That's what my Fan Map- and Fandom pages were made for. WHERE are fans? WHO are they? HOW to get in touch with them?

4.) I want to make a homepage that is worth to be looked at, that's appealing and that has a personal touch.
This is the ONLY way to be something special in the shere mass of pages on the data highway. This also means I have to do it all on my own and not go around 'stealing' backgrounds here and there.

Technical Info

The hardware I used to create this page
Intel Pentium-III 1177 MHz
256 MB PC133 CAS-3 SDRAM
ASUS AGP V7700 Deluxe graph. card w/ video capturing feature
Mustek MFS-12000 SP 1200dpi scanner
36 GB HD space
12x CDRW writer/40x CD-ROM/6x DVD drive
SB Live Value soundcard
17" screen
Logitech mouse&keyboard

Software I'm using for the page:
Windows 98
Slackware Linux 7.1 w/ Kernel 2.4.4
Adobe Photoshop 6, gIMP 1.2.1
Mozilla 0.9+ and IE5 (Compat. testing)
Windows Notepad and MS Frontpage for manual HTML editing

Online Prividers and host server:

(German ISP with PoPs in Hannover, Hildesheim and Lamspringe)

For using their very good T-DSL flatrate
Maintained by Brian Tiemann.