225 k Oil painting of Pride Rock
145k Simba is presented by Rafiki
136k Scar Playing with the mouse
453k 5 picture sequence. Scar and Mufasa arguing
123k 2 Pictures. Simba wakes up his father.
297k Pouncing lessons.
179k 2 pictures. The tongue bath
121k Sarabi grabs Simba by his scruff.
215k Oil painting. Lionesses relaxing.
313k Simba joins the lionesses and Nala.
107k PUHLEEZE! The dumbest grin I know x2. ;)
103k "But I can't marry her..."
112k Simba and Nala nerved by the chattering Zazu
119k Zazu and the apes (IJCW2BK)
173k Simba and Nala (IJCW2BK)
218k Zebra alley (IJCW2BK)
105k Simba and Nala take a ride
 69k Cubs curious about the elephant graveyard
118k Hyenas...eww!
175k Cubs in trouble
140k Jeez, Mufasa looking really horribly pissed.
68k Animation drawing of Mufasa
89k Hyenas in trouble this time
369k Mufasa attacks the hyenas to save Nala and Simba
174k Mufasa hugs Simba gently.
198k Father and cub, their last few happy moments.
297k 3 picture sequence. Be prepared.
259k Colored paintings. Be prepared, Scar rallies the hyenas
190 k Simba on a rock. Painting.
118k Sketch. (Zazu?)
148k Wildebeests. Colored in fluorescent colors, to make it easier to follow their motions.
467k Mufasa animation drawing, with remarks about what parts are moving.
166k Simba running from the wildebeest
88k Simba on a branch.
83k Production still. Simba struggling for a hold
154k Mufasa. Animation drawing
275k Simba struggling for a hold
142k Mufasa gets kicked by a wildebeest.
77k Scar extends his claws.
121k "Long live the King!"
198k Mufasa roaring in pain.
81k Simba watches his motionless father.
127k Simba crying for his dad. 
144k Simba crying, Scar watching him.

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