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164 k-Nala mourning.
128 k-Scar ascending to claim his place as king.
116 k-Poor Simba...
234 k-Background drawing
159 k-Background drawing
229 k-Simba watching Pumba hanging hammock. Color Pencil drawing.
106 k-Scar on a stone pile
76 k-Our trio infernale is stargazing
77 k-Simba collapses from his memories
72 k-Rafiki's bark drawing.
85 k-Rafiki is painting the Simba icon
95 k-Scene sketch. Pinnedya! 
62 k-NALA?
71 k-True love
151 k-Painting. Simba on a grass plain
191 k-Simba on a branch, very sad.
117 k-The branch, background picture
74 k-The overall scene background.
129 k-Simba looking into a hole. Outtake!
118 k- Sketch. Simba looking at his reflection
135 k- Colored version. Simba looking at his reflection.
298 k-Simba and the waterpool. Cool hairstyle, eh? ;)
160 k- Rafiki and Mufasa's picture in the water. 3-picture sequence
183 k-Mufasa in the clouds. Oil painting #1
293 k-Mufasa in the clouds. Oil painting #2
245 k-Mufasa in the clouds. Oil painting #3
109 k-No, not da stick!
98 k- Why can't Timon just shut up? ;)

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