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10/09/2001: Added statement about the World Trade Center
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Statement about the World Trade Center assault:

My dear friends, furries, cat lovers and TLK fans,
we all have seen what horrible things have been done to the American people. About 7000 lives were lost in New York and Washington, and we all, across all nations and religions, are mourning. The following might be an uncomfortable point of view, but I believe nonetheless that it is the truth. I personally feel the obligation to care for all beings in the world. At the WTC, 7000 of 6 billion HUMAN lives were lost. Those who remain are being taken care of, charities are ensuring them a life without sorrow and poverty by now. Each one of them could probably a millionaire by now, and no dollar you could donate would ease the pain of their losses. But there are beings out there, not human, who are as I believe are sentient, have feelings, feel hunger, who fight for their lives each and every day. TIGERS, SNOWLEOPARDS, other cats who were DUMPED by our oh so important and valuable species. Some of them were literally dumped because they became inconvenient for us, and in the wild species like snowleopards and siberian tigers are AT THE VERGE OF EXTINCTION, to vanish off the face of earth one for all times, and nothing could bring them back. Please consider helping the great cats through or other organisations like the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, the WWF.

Click to download full sized image (62k) Before you enter my Lion King Page, please let me tell you about myself and the place I live in. I am Kublia, a tiger. You know my species as "Siberian tiger", but the right name is "Amur tiger", named after a Russian river. I live in the outer eastern part of Russia. I have a very thick fur that protects me from the cold air, and I am almost 10 feet long. For hours each day I am looking for deer to hunt.
I'm no killer, I am just hungry. The snow is a traitor, spoiling my presence to poachers, but the trees are my friends, they hide my striped body. I'm huge, weighting more than 700 lbs. (300 kg), the biggest cat living on this planet. But there are the humans. I am helpless against them. They cut my friends down, the trees. They destroy my home, with it taking my food away. And there are some who are hunting me, either for fun or for making Asian traditional medicine of my genitals, bones or claws. There are just 200 of us living in freedom. Please, let us live. Don't destroy my home. It's almost too late.
Look at me, my fur, my eyes and don't forget me.

Now, what is "The Lion King" really? It started out as a great animated feature that was very different from what Disney was doing in the past. There was no 'American' touch in it, meaning a perfect, syrupy world where everything is good. The Lion King was made of characters who had very human emotions, in a way that the audience could understand their sorrows. This created a special bond between them and the lions on the big screen.
Mufasa's death
"Wake up, dad! PLEASE!"
...but his father is dead.
But, The Lion King has evolved. First there were so-called fan fiction stories, written by Lion King fans who in my opinion preserved the spirit and dreams of the movie in the best way. You find a few of them in my fanfiction section and on the Chakal's Lair of my friend John Burkitt.

The Lion King musical logo
In November 1997 Julie Taymor brought The Lion King to Broadway. Today, in August 1998, the Lion King Musical has become the second most successful one of all times. Afterwards in 1998 the Tokyo cast opened their performances in Japan. On  September 24th 1999 the London cast opened their show in the Lyceum theatre.
And six days afterwards I was one of twenty European TLK fans who saw the British version. Just as it's predecessors, the London show is about to top all expectations, winning prices and become as popular as others, to become as legendary as the lion's roar.
Finally, on October 27th 1998, the sequel, "The Lion King 2-Simba's Pride" was released directly to video. Many official film critiques call Simba's Pride the best direct to video sequel of an animated feature ever.
The Lion King 2-Simba's Pride

Anyway, TLK has always been an extraordinary success! Not from the shere power of commerce and money behind it, which was a driving force, too, but from the love and passion of their makers!

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"The Lion King"are © Copyright 1994 and property of The Walt Disney Corp.
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